Cowboy Kaleb

I’ve always enjoyed having boys around.

Most boys are direct, enjoy a challenge, and skip the drama.

I enjoyed raising my two.

And now I am enjoying the blended family of Rustic Russ.

I love seeing their delight in the things I treasure.

Seeing a new world open up before their very eyes.

Watch them test their fears, while at the same time relishing in the excitement it brings.

Kaleb with a K, from below the 45th Parallel, is one such boy.

Russ-Stick Acres is a whole new world. One of early morning chores, late night dinners, and lots of farm work in between.

No phone, no TV, no video games.

No distractions from raw, pure nature.

Oh, how will they survive?

Stay tuned for more adventures of these nature lovin’ boys at RSA.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,

Woodswoman (aka Nana)

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