First Green Bank: good deal for conservation subdivisions

I’m very impressed with First Green Bank. They promote positive environmental and social responsibility.

Their progressive approach sets them apart. First Green Bank promotes environmental responsibility and green building by offering lower interest rates for commercial projects that meet LEED standards.

Special incentives are offered to employees who meet green lifestyle housing and living standards. Loan officers will be required to be LEED Accredited Professionals.

Employees who buy automobiles that exceed 30 miles per gallon are eligible for zero interest loans, and paid sabbaticals are available to employees who engage in environmentally responsible green building projects.

CEO Ken LaRoe is a member of LandChoices, serves on our advisory group and is committed to protecting our environment. “I serve as Chairman of the Lake County Public Land Acquisition Advisory Committee and I have been very active in local political races. I am committed to preserving as much of this special place as can possibly be preserved,” says Ken LaRoe.

We need more banks like First Green Bank!

Learn more about First Green Bank.

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