Horse Shows By the Bay in Traverse City

Hello Everyone,

This is my first blog for the magazine so I thought I would tell you a little about myself for those who hadn’t read the article..

My name is Ali Peterson, I finally graduated from high school and am eager to pursue my next adventure. Which, as of now, consists of venturing off to Michigan State to begin the Horse Management program. I as well as along with only 24 other students were accepted into the program early Spring and I have been anticipating my start since. As my high school class schedule changed numerous times, one thing remained constant, my adore for horses.

I currently own two horses, JRH Kommander and GH Kassody, both of which I will be competing on this summer. For those who don’t know we are blessed to be in the backyard of the enormous event Horse Shows by the Bay here in Northern Michigan. Horse Shows by the Bay is a exponentially growing show that started a few years ago. This show has expanded to three weeks of Hunter/Jumper classes and one week of Dressage. Throughout the show there are myriad events that take place such as kids day, polo matches, Grand Prixs, and more! I am excited to announce that I will be partaking in the event with my horse Kassody, at this time hoping to compete in the Childrens Hunter and Equitation classes. I will be posting both the news on my rides as well as rides of others, when the funfilled days will be taking place as well as the turnout, and even the inside scoop on who to watch!

Feel free to comment on my blog if you have any questions or comments!
I will be on shortly with updates but until then ta ta for now!

Ali Peterson

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  1. Hi Ali,
    I am a ‘horse person’ and just moved to Traverse City last month. I took horse management classes at Texas A&M University and learned so much; I am excited for your program at MSU. If you or any of your friends ever need a helping hand at or between shows I’d be happy to help. I miss being around horses and have 15 years of experience in a wide variety of horsemanship areas. I called Shows by the Bay to volunteer but have not heard back…
    Good luck in the show!

  2. Hello!
    Texas A&M is a very good school, Division 1 Eq team whoot 🙂 Thanks for the lending hand I’m sure any extra help will always be needed at the show! I am pretty sure that Horse Shows By The Bay hires there help prior to the show starting, early in the year. If you have not heard back I am sure they are already ‘full staffed’. Though if you are eager when you call ask for Barbi, she will help you with further questions.

  3. Kass is 16hh. Big for a purebred Arab! 🙂 I showed him at Scottsdale in Arizona in February. He will be doing Horse Shows By the Bay the third week and then in Aug we will be heading to Canada for Nationals. Let me know if you have any more ?s!

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