I Love A Good Map

Glik’s in downtown Manistee carries the “Life is Good” line of t-shirts and hats, including one that says “Not all who wander are lost” and I have to say that just doesn’t apply to me. If I’m wandering, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m lost.
I love a good map – not MapQuest or a GPS or written directions – I want a map! In the Army, we learned that a map is a visual scale representation of the earth as seen from above and that’s exactly what appeals to me about a map. I like to see where I started, where I am now, where I’m going, how long I’ve been on the road and how far I have left to travel. I like to read the names of streets on the map as I cross them in the car, I always read the legend and scale before I use a map and I want to see the landmarks right on the map where they are, not in a numbered list down in a corner. A map is more than a visual representation. A map to me is a plan, with lots of ways for me to make sure I’m on the right road.
Your Chamber – officers, directors, committees, volunteers and staff – follows a map to ensure that we’re not wandering, not lost. Our Strategic Plan was adopted in January of 2008 and serves as a road map for us. The sections “Who We Serve” and “Our Values” are the legend. Our vision – “to be a major source for information, education and collaboration for our members and an integral part of their success” – is the destination. The issues and opportunities we encounter along the way are akin to landmarks and our strategic goals are the roads we follow on our way to the destination. Over the last 18 months, the Strategic Plan has guided every step we take on your behalf and that’s good, because you’re counting on us to arrive at our destination and be an integral part of your success. You can read the Plan online at manisteechamber.com and on Page 2 of this newsletter, there’s a review of the progress we’re making. It’s a pleasure to be on this road with you!

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