one down, more to go

Not a day for yachting you say? Certainly not the most thrilling. Despite thick gray threatening clouds overhead, the Traverse City Yacht Club held it’s Wednesday races. And despite the dead calm over Grand Traverse Bay the boats did make it back to the marina, eventually. And I was in attendance.

Inspired by the June issue of Traverse Magazine, one of the items on my summer list was to enjoy a drink on the deck at Scott’s Harbor Grill while watching the Wednesday yacht races. I invited girlfriends for drinks on Wednesday. Wednesday! Somehow, I completed all my errands and made it on time. One of our gang was so ambitious she even rode her bike there. On a Wednesday! Who does things on Wednesday?

Wednesday drinks turned into Wednesday dinner. We ignored the clouds and a few drips. [from the clouds, on this occasion there weren’t any drips in attendance.] We talked about our vacations, asked each other for advice and generally had a great time. Eventually, darkness set in and we headed home, one of us on a bike.

And it all happened on Wednesday. I must remember to give Wednesday more credit. Nonetheless, I have one of the items on may summer list completed–and it’s only Wednesday …

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