Lamb Rover

Our Amish procured sheep are settling in nicely.

After a couple days in the barn, to get used to all the Russ-Stick Acres sounds, they were moved to their Lamb Rover.

Their movable pen.

Their first order of the day is to mow the grass.

This is the first year we have attached fencing to the Lamb Rover.

I recall the past, watching our tiny Nigerian Dwarf goat kids dart in and out of the containment area, testing their new found freedom away from Mama.

However, these lambs are so skiddish, they might fly over the top, take off on a dead run, and never stop.

In addition, we don’t want to tempt fate with our local coyote population either.

Sheep are grazers. They love the new fresh patch each day, compliments of Rustic Russ and his cherry red tractor.

Once we add our new little goat to the mix, who is a browser as opposed to a grazer, it will be picked clean.

Little Rachel will be coming soon from Serendipity Ranch, joining Sarah, Piper and Trig, our Polypay trio.

Spring babies are my favorite part of summer.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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