Michael Moore’s Favorite Movies at the Traverse City Film Festival

Just home from the special screening for the Film Festival volunteers. I wanted to share a few of the highlights of the presentation.

We saw “A Matter of Size”, a charming Israeli film about an overweight man who becomes interested in sumo wrestling. If you have a chance to see it you won’t be disappointed. It would be a welcome respite from some of the heavier hitting fare at the festival.

I’m so happy to have a pair of tickets to “Woodstock–the Director’s Cut”. Warner Brothers isn’t showing “Woodstock” anywhere this summer. However, the studio graciously opened its vaults and offered the director’s cut to the festival. But the really great part of seeing it in TC is that Wavy Gravy, Country Joe and Paul Kantner (from Jefferson Airplane), all present at Woodstock 40 years ago, will be in attendance at the “Woodstock” screenings. Plus, they’ll perform Thursday night at the Open Space before “Hair”, so don’t miss that one.

Someone in the audience asked Michael Moore for his three favorite movies at this year’s festival. He couldn’t limit himself to just three. Here are his picks:

“In the Loop” for funniest fiction movie
“Winnebago Man” for funniest documentary
“Troubled Water” and “Eden is West” for best fiction movies
“Rachel” for best documentary

Tonight the director of the Iranian film “About Elly” is en route to Traverse City from Tehran. How cool is that?

And one last take away point that blew everyone away. Michael Moore was delighted to report that festival sponsorships are up 37% over last year. 37%! In this economy! Wow. Talk about strong community support.

There are still tickets available to some great movies. Hope to see you there!

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