Pavlov’s Cow

It didn’t happen with Mama Cow.

It didn’t happen with Papa Cow.

And it didn’t happen with baby cow, Luna.

Who, incidently, experienced her 5th full moon on this earth last night.

But D2 (a product of Mama Dixie and Papa Dudley)…now that’s another story.

And it’s a mystery, because we’ve raised every one of our cows since they were knee high to a grasshopper.

However, it didn’t take the Russian scientist, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, to understand the conditioned reflex of a cow’s favorite activity. Eating.

Rustic Russ spoiled young D2 and now we have to live with the product of that study.

A noisy steer.

Rustic Russ knows it.

And now I know it.

I hadn’t realized how bad it had become until last night, when we left to go on our Full Moon stroll. I asked Rustic Russ about taking a different way, so I could stop by the new lambs and see how they were doing in their new enclosure.

It was when I saw Rustic Russ creeping along, ducking down to escape D2’s view, that I knew we had a problem.

Pavlov’s cow.

Lucky for us, there’s a solution.

It’s called a pitchfork full of hay.

Until tomorrow ~ salivating already ~ God willing,


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