start the countdown to summer’s end in northern michigan

It was Wednesday, I think when I heard them in Traverse City. A shudder went through me. A deep breath and I decided to dismiss the omen, thinking that’s for here, in town. My house is still safe. And then today three times in Suttons Bay, that unmistakable whine of the locusts.

When I lived in Missouri, the thirteen year cycle of locusts overlapped with the 17 year cycle. We were overrun. This was a once in a millennium kind of synchronicity and had more than a few folks keeping an ear out for any demands made by anyone named Moses. We learned a lot about locust life cycles that summer finding their empty shells stuck to tree trunks. I don’t remember the facts about pupae or eggs.

What I do remember is that during normal years, when the locust’s chorus becomes loud enough to hear, meaning when there are enough of them whining, summer’s end is six weeks away.

Six weeks. Saturday, September 5th.

I have a lot to do …

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