Summer on the Ranch

It’s good to have friends who share your dream, such as AC (Animal Control) Ellen.

In visiting her ranch, it confirmed to our grandboys that we (Nana and Papa) weren’t the only ones who liked to farm.

AJ got to experience the joy of holding a 3-day old kid.

Kaleb got to experience a mother’s concern.

And, once passing the test, to hold that mother’s precious little one.

Yes, we, like AC Ellen, like our animals. Big, small, and many.

And we love our amazing Mustangs, just as AC Ellen does.

AC Ellen has the happiest (and cleanest) pigs around.

And we will benefit by the birth of this trio. One of them, Rachel, is coming to live with us once weaned.

The boys realized that we, like AC Ellen, love what we do.

Summer, fall, winter, spring.

Until tomorrow ~ the Grandboys have gone back home ~ God willing,


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  1. Thank you for the kind words Dave. Your story “Terror in Taffeltown” not only had me laughing (your wife’s assistance with the cable), but it was also very informative. I’m looking forward to your next Blog!

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