U-Pick or We Pick: Sweet cherries and Raspberries are in at King Orchards

Beautiful black sweet cherries and light sweet cherries are in at King Orchards, as well as a bumper crop of raspberries.

For 2009, King Orchards is instituting a Cherry U-pick Stimulus Plan, and rolling back u-pick prices to 2006 levels. $1.50 per pound.

Our cherry trees are specially trimmed so that even small children can reach the ripe cherries.
The cherry pitter is up & running; we can pit your cherries while you wait for a flat rate of $6. Hint: Put some pitted cherries up in the freezer, and enjoy them as a special sweet treat all winter.

Tart cherries will be ready in 5 to 7 days. Keep an eye on our “Orchard Talk” blog for updates.

Come on out to the orchards for some fruit-filled and affordable family fun!

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