Wal-Mart vs. a battlefield

Photo courtesy Wal-Mart

I’m off the topic of conservation subdivisions as this item is important and we need to spread the word. It seems Wal-Mart is proposing to build a super store near Orange, Virginia near land that is an important part of the historic battlefield area of the Battle of the Wilderness. Orange County is a rural community in central Virginia filled with beautiful horse farms and vineyards.

The article, “Wal-Mart in the Wilderness” in The American Spectator, states that this battle, actually a series of battles, all important, was fought in early May of 1864. It marked the first time that Robert E. Lee and Ulysses Grant had fought each other.

The article adds that the battle was called the Battle of the Wilderness because it was in a densely wooded area with thick, thorny underbrush that made maneuver difficult and lessened Grant’s numerical advantage. View the article.

What do you think? Is this an appropriate place to plop a Wal-Mart?

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