Conservation subdivisions get boost near Chicago

According to the article “Subdivisions designed for conservation get a boost” in the Chicago Tribune, conservation subdivisions are starting to bloom.

The article includes the terms “cluster” and “clustering” which drives my crazy (learn the difference between clustering and conservation subdivisions.) as it sends the wrong message (who wants to live “clustered” close together like pea pods? 🙂 ) unless they really are following outdated “clustering” regulations.

34% of the gross land being set aside sounds low, but I am not familiar with the area (perhaps it is suburban or urban at higher densities) or the zoning.

According to our nation’s expert on conservation subdivisions and LandChoices’ advisory group member Randall Arendt, in urban, sewered, high density areas zoned at 2-3-4 units per acre, preserving 40% open space, in addition to the unbuildable wetlands, floodplains, and steep slopes, is the norm. In rural, suburban edge areas at densities of 5 and 10 acres per dwelling, easily 70% (or more) of the land can be preserved.

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