New endurance racing team in Traverse City….

Heads up on an opportunity during this Fall/Winter….

A new amateur endurance racing team is going to be seeking interested individuals later this Fall. We are presently finalizing some sponsorships for the team, but are looking to bring on individuals that compete (or are interested in competing) in triathlon, adventure racing, 12/24 hr and 100 Mile/K mountain bike, marathon canoe/kayak or similar events.

For the new, or experienced, athlete, we’ll bring:

1. A level of training assistance, oversight and guidance that uses technology to keep you on track
for your season,
2. Group training sessions and the ability to find training and racing partners.
3. Training and guidance to newer individuals seeking to enter endurance racing,
whatever “endurance” means to them.

You can email the team at:

Look for a team call-out later this Fall!


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