No New tax for Subdivision Roads EAST BAY Township

Cheers to the Township Board of East Bay Township for voting “NO” to putting a NEW TAX MILLAGE on the ballot for the lowest voter turn out election in November! On Monday night the board voted that it was NOT a good time to put a NEW TAX on the ballot that doesn’t historically have a good voter turnout in East Bay Township. They also recognized that with the struggling economy and current unemployment status of many of the townships residents it would be a hardship many couldn’t bear. Cudos!

Current laws make road replacement the responsibility of the owners who border that road even as others use the residential road to get to their roads. Also the repair and maintenance of these roads are the County Road Commission’s responsibility. Six cents out of 19 cents in taxes we pay for Gasoline go toward road repairs. At a time with so many overwhelmed and trying to scrape by it is not a time to start paying and assuming other’s responsibilities. We do not need to start subsidizing certain subdivision streets when our schools are laying off teachers and our emergency services can’t get a .5 mil increase to keep us safe and serving all across the city. Asking for a full mil to fix subdivision residential roads is too much and benefits too few! If we start fixing special interest residential roads where will it end? What will they want us all to bear the cost of in the future? I agree that the roads on the top of the list are bad, like Holiday Hills, but they are the frontage owner’s responsibility and the Road Commissions. They are on the top of their lists too, once we spend our money to fix the road commissions roads, they will not be paying us back, just taking them off their list. Do we think that paying for the road they are suppose to be repairing will make them fix the roads faster or slower in the future. Knowing the townships will pay it with their own New Road TAX. My problem is I just don’t want to pay for the road commission’s roads when I am already paying taxes through gasoline to repair them. It is like a double tax. At least with the gasoline tax they tax the ones using the roads. I don’t want to be forced to pay for someone’s road and their responsibilities while private road owners still bear the cost for our own private roads. Like them we are responsible to replace it. But we are also responsible to maintain and repair it as well as plow it in the winter at our own expense unlike them where the road commission pays for thier repairs and plowing.

So Congratulations on the Four members, M. Courtade, S. Courtade, B. Marrow and B. Strait that put thier personal feelings aside and voted No for the adding a new tax measure to the Ballot with such a short time to get the message out to voters. Two Members voted yes to put it on the ballot for the next election (barely under 90 days away) and McAllister was not present to hear the speakers for or against so he didn’t cast a vote. Thankfully the board understands that in such hard economical times that special interest groups shouldn’t be able to tax everyone just because they can push their agenda and get their roads fixed with our money and that NOW IS NOT THE TIME to ADD NEW TAXES. Nor should any special interest group be allowed to exert undo pressure and get a re-vote to further push to get us a NEW Tax to pay for their roads already covered by the road commission and the frontage owners.

This will surely be an ongoing issue as Acme Township has voted to put it on their ballot, with the language written and supplied by the group wanting us to pay a New TAX to fund road repairs. And JEERS to there suddenly needing an emergency meeting to re-visit the issue in East Bay Township after Acme’s vote. WHY? East Bay Township is not ACME. Why a re-visit,? Has there suddenly been an influx of jobs or has someone been pushing thier own agenda and asking for a “re-do”? What new information could possibly change the outcome of a “No Vote” to put it on the next ballet which was 4 no, 2 yes, and 1 absentee? Hopefully there is new information, but I somehow doubt that will prove to be the case. I expect the residents that started the group to get their road fix will be there in full force. Hopefully many other voters not on the commitee or living on those selective streets will be able to get off work early to make the “emergency” 5:30 meeting on FRIDAY and be heard.

For me and my family our money is better spent just trying to stay ahead of our expenses and pay our fair share of taxes we already are responsible for. Do you think we should ignore the current laws and instead add a new tax on all property owners for a few select residential roads? Do you think you want to pay $100.00 per $100,000.00 assessed value per year for residential road repair to the benefit of a few residential roads? Where does it end? I am all for looking out for your neighbor, I just can’t afford to pave their road for the next 5 years and get my son’s braces. Which would be more important to you? Help us get out the citizens to stop the taxing of ALL East Bay for a few.

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