Strength and courage overrides
The privileged and weary eyes
Of river poet search naivete.
Pick up here and chase the ride.
The river empties to the tide.
All of this is coming your way

– The River, R.E.M.

Funny. The songs that come to me after some down time on lakes and rivers and playing music with a friend. But it occurred to me kayaking the other day, this song came into my head, how this time Up North has highlighted crossroads for our family. Our oldest is of the age we can no longer “sneak” past him and include him (without some creativity) activities better suited for our little guy, six years younger. Our oldest is now a young man. Like a river, life has a one-way trajectory. At his age, he naturally wants more freedom, to make some decisions for himself, to take care of himself a little more on his own. And we are learning. To let him paddle ahead of us where we all search the tug and pull for that happy equilibrium- to position ourselves far enough away to be distant, but close enough where he too knows he can see us, as he rounds the next bend.

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