Wish You Were Here

It’s the song you play when you have two guitarists on a Lake Michigan beach. Acoustic twelve-string and six-string. That timeless tune that gets better and better (fulfilling its own irony ), “year after year”. That, and “Sweet Melissa” works well. And then any one of Bob Marley’s tunes, peppered with a few well-placed minor chords. All thumb, no pick.

But that afternoon on the beach, as we played our music, I watched the horizon grow dark, the wind changed direction and intensified as a storm out on the bay headed north toward the Manitou Islands. But we played on and when all seemed gone, when the water turned black, Rick went into “Blue Sky” (Allman Brothers) and as the link to his wife’s impromptu video shows, the clouds they parted and the sky turned blue – thus the combined, karmic power of good music and friends on Lake Michigan:


And yesterday, with our friends heading home to Pennsylvania, we adjusted with comfort food, then a hike (on the Windy Moraine trail), then an afternoon nap (for some), reading and journaling (for others), and (for me) solo guitar playing outside.

And then today, to take a drive up M22 through Port Oneida to Leland was wonderful. My favorite drive. To walk town with a coffee and visit a shop carrying my wife’s work. Then, on to Northport for what was either a late lunch or an early dinner at Eat Spot. A great place if you haven’t been. Great food and kindly service at reasonable prices. Cash only. And as we left, it came to me there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

And to our friends now back home in “The Burgh”, we are so happy you were able to make the trip Up North. We loved having you. And as the very last line in the song goes…wish you were here.

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  1. My mom’s favorite song was “Sweet Melissa” by the Allman Brothers when she was pregnant with me (hence my name… and yes, I’m actually a Melissa, but have always preferred Missy.) I’m just glad she had good taste in music! 😉

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