Autumn Beauty

It won’t be long…

Soon we will be seeing the beauty of autumn unfold around us.

Our local ski resorts will be preparing for the winter season.

Our horses will be filled with a spirit from their ancestors.

Our equine trail time will wind down.

And our protégés will have the winter to ponder next summer’s adventures.

It will be a time for slow, easy walks down our Berry Beary Blvd., drinking in the sights and scents of fall.

Our woodland cabins will signal warmth as wood smoke curls from above.

And our sled dogs will rest on the trails, knowing an exciting winter awaits them.

And our aged dog, Satch, will begin her 18th year, enjoying her days at Russ-Stick Acres.

Her doggy Heaven on earth.

God and Dog…Click here to see the connection..

Until tomorrow ~ God willing (and winking),


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