Michigan Film Office Locations: List Your Business or Property

We are looking for filming locations in your cities and towns. If you own a business, home or any property we would like to see it.

My job is to show in coming productions what is available for film and television use within the state of Michigan. The more locations we can show them up North, the more likely we are to attract projects to your area.

If you would like your property listed with our office for possible film use please go to www.michiganfilmoffice.org and click on the “Submit Locations” tile on the left side of the page. Please fill out all of the fields and upload up to 10 jpg photos of the property or business. We ask that the property owners be the direct contact for the location, and please take interior and exterior digital photos under 2mb for uploading.

There is no cost to list your property with our office, and it does not guarantee a commitment of any sort. It simply makes your property an option for the production company to discuss and negotiate details if they decide to use it for a film or television location.

We are looking for everything from marinas to junkyards. Schools, mortuaries, churches and bars. Anything that could be a location in a film, and of course private homes. We hide the addresses of any personal residence from a public search. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Best Wishes,
Michael Grabemeyer
Locations Manager, Michigan Film Office

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