Antique Clock – Jewelers pinwheel regulator for sale–Traverse City, Michigan

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If you ever entered the Joslin Chevy Dealership in Traverse City, you saw a large antique wall clock hanging over the fireplace mantle. I was commisioned to repair the clock in 1984, and did so successfully. When the dealership changed hands, I was asked to move the clock to Herb Joslin’s home. It is now available for sale. I am honored to be involved in offering it for sale. Herb’s son, Gary, asked me to clean and oil the mechanism and be sure it is in good working order. I recently completed that. It has been appraised at $17,000 as you will see in the following information. Please call or email me if you have questions or are interested in this piece. I have never seen a clock like this for sale–they always seem to get snapped up long before they go on the market. Since these photos were taken, the cabinet has been cleaned and hand waxed by Don Butkovich. He also tells me there is some chance this clock was made by Waterbury. While it is unsigned and unmarked, evidently it closely resembles others he has seen that are marked as such.
— Dean Bull


Description: Unsigned, as many of the specially made jewelers regulators were in the 1880s.
Case size: 75”H x 31”W x 12”D. Constructed of solid mahogany in the Renaissance Revival Style, with original antique dark cherry finish, and with original elegantly carved brackets and Anthemion crest at top. Straight narrow sides with full length inset glass panels framed front and back, at top and bottom, with mirrored scrollwork and Acanthus carvings. The front door has a full-width frame, with arched top to match the case shape. The inset door glass extends up ¾ of its height, with a concave demi-lune scallop at the top, under a full round framed window above, that centers the 11” diameter porcelain dial, and its shimmering 14”diameter chromed ogee bezel. The dial face with chapter in Roman numerals, hand painted in black, with the outer ring divided into second ticks, with a square block centering each numeral, and one pierced hole above Roman numeral ‘six’ to admit the winding crank for time reserve by a single chromed drop weight. The original black hands are narrow Breguet style. The original red sweep-second hand is a modified Fils style. All the parts are in original condition.
The box works is a simple all-brass, eight-day, time-only, pinwheel escapement movement, connected to a 48” long “seconds beat” Pendulum, consisting of nine equally spaced polished chromed rods in grid lock, centered by a Lyre and a weighted 13” diameter, convex-hammered plumb disc, with a bright chromed surface, and a fine adjuster screw and weighted knurled nut at bottom.

(Provenance: Purchased as an antique in 1950, from the Estate of Dr. Weiss of Lansing, MI, by present owner. It kept time daily through the decades over the fireplace mantel at Joslin’s Chevrolet Dealership in Traverse City, MI, and later, at the Joslin’s Family home in the Traverse City Area.)

Condition: Clock case and movement researched and evaluated by Don Butkovich Antiques & Appraisals, Traverse City, MI. Phone 231-922-0750.
Clock movement inspected, cleaned, and oiled by Horologist, Dean Bull, Traverse City, MI. Phone 231-946-9500. The door-latch key is replaced.
This clock is in excellent shape and sound working condition. It keeps excellent time.

Included, are recent photos of the clock wall-mounted for stability. The clock can easily be mounted at any height pleasing to the buyer. If long-distance shipping is required, the entire movement will be removed from its case, and shipped in a separate container to ensure the security and integrity of its present condition. Buyer is responsible for on-site set-up adjustments outside Traverse City area. Dean Bull is available for a fee.
Buyer is responsible for all packing, shipping, and insurance fees.

PRICE: $ 17,000.00 (plus tax, if required)

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