Coyotes come a callin’…

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Several months ago, one of the world famous Alaskan Redingtons made a visit to our little place.


Besides blessing us with his low-key, high-character personality, we got to know him as a friend. A woodsman.

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Oddly enough, even though he educated us, and entertained us, I will always remember him for one thing…heading to the woods, coyote call in hand, to see if he could get a glimpse of one of these beautiful creatures.

During his last night in Michigan, Ryan wanted to connect with a Canis latrans.

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Tonight, while we were finishing up a late dinner, I bolted from the cabin upon hearing the familiar staccato drill. (Click on drill for a realistic coyote serenade.)


One was near the cabin, just out of reach. While the second one was up near the Wee House.

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While listening to them call back and forth, the neighbor dogs howled and barked in the distance.

Our own sled dogs remained silent.

Our house dogs wanted to run to check them out.

The silence was broken by the sound of a cap gun firing into the air, assuring safety for our free-ranging rabbits.

Rustic Russ had emerged from the cabin, having left his dinner to attend to the obvious boundary issues.

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It’s somewhat difficult to say we enjoy the coyotes, as they have killed our livestock in the past.

However, we respect them as one of God’s amazing creatures.

I think of them now, as the season opened this week.

I also worry about Canis Lupus.

They, too, are in danger of being trapped.

Read here. You will see I’m not the only one worried…

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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