Hands on Farming

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Being gone five days a week hurts.

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I guess I should have known.

When my sons were babies, I couldn’t leave them either.

Praise God I had the courage to swim against the current and stay home to raise them, when they needed me most.

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Sometimes, I catch Rustic Russ without him knowing it, and capture the bliss that comes with connecting with animals.

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Farming with animals is so “hands on”.

You must have a desire to connect and know your animals.

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No one knows your animals better than you.

No one.

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I will be patient, and wait for the day I can be “hands on” with our animals.


All day.

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Until then, I’m blessed to hear the little nuances each animal created in my absence.

And know they are fortunate to have a shepherd such as Rustic Russ looking over them each day.

Every day.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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