Livin’ the Dream ~ Carrie Style

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In the very, very early days of our sled dog kennel, we met Carrie.

She was working spring, summer and fall up in Alaska at 4-time Iditarod Champion Jeff King’s kennel, and living just a stone’s throw down the road during the winter months.

It only seemed right that we would connect.

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We felt a bond immediately and in the next few years, she was invaluable to us.

In oh so many ways.

Going on the road with the dogs to events, handling with me at the 2003 Midnight Run for Russ and his team (a brisk -28 that year during the wee hours of the night…) tours, school visits, and socializing pups.

Even delivering Siberian pups under a shady tree in the puppy pen ~ on a warm 4th of July.

The Iditarod checkpoint litter. Compliments of our Katie ~ a red Siberian sweetheart.

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It wasn’t long before the call to Alaska came stronger, and kept its hold on her year ’round.

We lost her to the pull of the North.

She now has a cabin of her own, and a treasured dog, Gale, in a very special place…Husky Homestead in Denali.

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Where she is part of one of the top mushing kennels in the world.

She takes it all in stride.

Even driving the Iditarod sled in the 2009 opening ceremony with her confident (and trusting) Boss ~ him out in front, guiding the sled by an old-school Gee Pole. Check it out here…

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Nothing will change Carrie.

She is still in awe of the simple pleasures, and treasures of this world.

Good friends, hot chili, and lots of hearty laughs.

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Autumn brings beauty, both color and Carrie, to our kennel and homestead each year.

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A cherished time for us. And a time to bring up old, dear memories of earlier days.

Until tomorrow ~ we’ll miss you Carrie ~ God speed and God willing,


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