My Fall Activities

In the past 2 weeks I have had the honor of officiating a wedding, baby blessing, renewl of vows and memorial service. This concludes my planned season of ceremonies. Youngman and I are now working in the pottery studio, making bowls for the November 20 & 21st Holiday Arts & Crafts show at the Park Place Hotel in TC.
If you are out and about, please stop by our table to say hi and see our new designs! Some of these designs are inspired by the lovely landscape photos in Traverse Magazine! One new design I call Autumn Savannah. Yes, I should post a photo but I forgot as they go out the door as fast as I make them! Next time I fire, I’ll get some photos up.
Great Business News: Our Blessing Bowls (including variations of Autumn Savannah) are now available at the Sturgeon River Pottery – just about a mile past Bay Harbor, on the way to Petoskey. The owners, Karen and Steve, are great folks and they carry the largest collection of hand made pottery in the area. They also carry lots of other hand made items – like the bat house we bought picked up there.
I am also writing a bi-monthly newsletter full of info and inspiration. The PDF file is av ailable on my website as are photos of my pottery:
Blessings to All,
Julie Chai

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