Homemaker Ang ~ Farming off Grid

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Several weeks ago, I took a much needed day off from work and treated myself to a day of adventure.

My friend, Amy, and I headed a couple hours down the state to the small farming town of Coral.

From there, we followed the rural directions to meet Homemaker Ang, her friendly husband Matt (aka…Gentle Giant) and the delightful, engaging children.

I learned how to make cheese. (Click on link to see and read about the most amazing farm kitchen luncheon imaginable, which was part of the day’s adventure…)

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But it was so much more than that…

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We entered into a world much like what I envision, and live by.

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One of simplicity and hard work.

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You see, Homemaker Ang and the Gentle Giant moved their 6 children into an Amish farmhouse, where they are farming and living off the grid.

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Everything is done by hand, and by God’s grace.

And His direction.

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The children expressed their love of their life.

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They didn’t need to verbalize it, although they did so.

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It shows in their demeanor.

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Their willingness.

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And their passion.

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An integral part of the working family.

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Where everyone works.

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Human, horse, and dog.

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We hated to leave at the end of the day.

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Even though I was returning to our rustic place, I felt at home at Maple Valley Farm.

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Good, Godly folks.

Who tested the waters of the Amish community…(Click here if you wish to sign up for a newsletter outlining their journey.)

Doing what others only dream of doing…

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You too, can experience this for yourself.

Another cheese class (not to mention soap making and pumpkin pie make/take class) is coming up November 3rd and beyond. Check it out…

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Don’t be surprised if you leave with a tug on your heart.

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Maple Valley is like coming home.

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Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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