November Nuances

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For me, a good weekend is one where I come home from work Friday night, and I don’t leave “our 40” until Monday morning.

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This was a good weekend.

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On Saturday we enjoyed the nice weather and went for a pre-hunting season walk, among other tasks.

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Sunday brought more bliss.

A day of leisure was welcome, knowing what lies ahead once the storm clouds move in.

During our Sunday dinner, which consisted of BBQ pork chops on the grill (our pork), small red potatoes sautéed with onion and bits of Maple bacon left over from breakfast, homemade applesauce and baked beans, things felt right.

It felt like November, and it felt good to be in the main cabin with the wood stove kicking out warmth.

We watched Mary Shield’s “Season of the Sled Dog”, as we do most weekends. I love watching Mary and her husband, John’s, special way of life ~ living rustic, camping, and using the sled dogs in their daily tasks. It validates the sometimes harsh life we have chosen.

We had asked Mary to come to Michigan this past August for our Meet the Mushers event. She was unable to do so at the time, but we are hopeful for some future encounter. Ironically, Mary is like us…she doesn’t like to leave her animals.

Mary was the first person to finish the Iditarod in 1974 with an 8-dog team. Upon finishing the race, she decided not to fly home due to the cost, so she headed back down the Iditarod trail, bound for home. She has also run the Yukon Quest.

Mary also knows the value of a small team and what they can accomplish, which fascinated both Russ and myself in her book, Sled Dog Trails. It would be a pleasure to hear her stories and meet her first hand. Until then, you may wish to check out Mary’s video and book selection on her website.

You can find Mary, and our other friends too; on a new Blogspot we created. Don’t worry, it’s not to replace this venue ~ it is just another avenue to keep everyone posted on our activities.

All roads lead home.

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We hope you had a blissful weekend too.

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Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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