One thing I will not do on a radio show…

Recently I was asked to be a guest on WTCM talk radio. I had been a guest on radio shows plenty of times, so I kind of knew the drill, at least my end of it. I get introduced as a Spiritual Channel and Medium, the host explains that they are “trying something knew” and after I get asked a few basic questions about what I will be doing on the air, I jump right into taking calls and doing what I call “flash” readings, which are only about 1 minute in length.

My experience with being on any radio show is that most of the listeners have not had a lot of exposure to Mediums, Psychics and so forth, so I expect to have to explain certain things to help the listeners better understand how this kind of thing might be able to help in some way. I also prepare myself to be challenged to some degree, but usually the confirmation from the callers is enough to keep me from being bombarded by die-hard skeptics.

When I sat down with the host at WTCM, I didn’t ask any questions about his listeners; I just assumed it was going to be similar to my previous experiences on the air with other stations. The calls were great, the listeners were receptive and in my opinion, my time was well spent.

After we were done, the host was a little beside himself because he too was pretty skeptical. I asked him, “If you were so skeptical of what I can do, what on Earth motivated you to have me on your show?” He responded by telling me that after I had been on the air in the studio next to his, one of the hosts explained to him some of the things that I told her, and how accurate and helpful the information was. “I knew that you wouldn’t, couldn’t have known that stuff, but somehow you did. I was fascinated!”

Next he asked me if I would be willing to come back on his show, and after I told him how much fun it is for me to do radio, he explained that he would have to wait for feedback from his listeners. “Many, if not most of my listeners have very strong religious backgrounds and faith…I’m not sure if what you do offends them or not yet. But I have to really consider the response because the phone lines were lit up the whole time you were on!”

I told him that I would definitely consider coming back but that there is one thing that I absolutely will NOT do on the radio, and that is get involved in a “religious debate” with a caller.

He regarded me momentarily and then asked, “Why not exactly?” I explained to him that I have come to a place where I not only respect everyone’s beliefs, but I also appreciate where other people are at.

“It has been my extensive experience that anyone who feels compelled to debate their beliefs are usually not very open to listening and they have a tendency to think that their beliefs are the right ones; and this makes everyone else wrong. This type of thing is not conducive to actually conversing, therefore, it is a waste of my time and energy…and potentially theirs too!” The host smiled softly, nodded, and told me that he could respect my position.

Some people might think that what I do is somehow ungodly; meaning they have decided at some point that there is only this way or that way to get to a place that they call “Heaven”, what I do probably does not meet that criteria. In fact, some people might be inclined to say that what I do is the opposite of what a person is “supposed” to do. But I can understand where they are coming from, so there really is no point in arguing over anything. My position on life stems more from looking at how much people struggle to find peace and how easy it is to be a victim. Well, being a victim and struggling usually go hand-in-hand. When I look at the world, I see it from many perspectives; the spiritual, the physical, psychological and even financial. And I am happy, at peace and have overcome the victim mindset. It may not have been easy to do, but I look at where I am now compared to where I was and I think to myself, “Good grief! There really is much more to life than I once thought…” And I help people go beyond their own limitations so that they too can get to a more powerful, peaceful place. So that they too can experience happiness and fulfillment beyond their imagination. I often tell people, “Did you ever consider the possibility of actually experiencing what you call “Heaven” while you are alive?”

Jennifer Tavana
Hypnotherapist, Channel, Personal Development Instructor

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