Thanksgiving Reflections from Rev. Robin Long

From The Pastor
Ah, can’t you just smell it—the turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes, the pie, Grandma’s perfume—the welcome smells of the Thanksgiving holiday. Well, until you’re done with dinner at which point the smells become nauseating, the site of the turkey carcass on the table haunts you, and Grandma’s perfume is giving you a headache. And this is to say nothing of the fact that the seams in your pants are ready to burst and send corduroy flying to the outer recesses of the dining room. I hate that feeling—the regret of having eaten with wild abandon—of feeling so full that the mere thought of food makes me ill.

But there’s another feeling of fullness that can be ours on Thanksgiving, and any other day for that matter. A feeling of fullness that comes without regret, a feeling of fullness that makes us only feel better. And that is the feeling of fullness that rises up in our hearts and chests and throats—indeed sometimes can even burst forth from us in happy tears—the feeling of fullness that comes from taking time to take a full account of our many blessings. Do you know that feeling—that feeling of feeling so thankful that you could almost burst with joy?

This year, I’m going to fill myself up on blessings—not just naming one or two—but naming as many as I can on Thanksgiving. Join me in doing the same. I’ll be at my parents’ home, maybe you’ll be at your children’s home or with friends or family or perhaps even by yourself—but wherever you are this year on Thanksgiving—take a moment to pause with me at 12:34 (that’s 1234 to keep it easy to remember) and let your heart and mind be filled with gratitude at the many blessings God has bestowed upon you.

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