What would YOU do for a cupcake?

I’ve never been a girl who excelled in sports. While other kids were playing basketball and softball, I was studying the dictionary for the next spelling bee. In 3rd grade, I was scheduled to run the 100 yard dash on Field Day and, right before the race, I fell from the monkey bars and had to disqualify myself because I had a stomach ache. Coincidence? Mmmmm….no. I was a cheerleader for awhile, but that’s not really a sport, right? Right leg out, left leg out. Two claps. Go team.

In high school, I did the bare minimum, which meant attending gym class whenever I was forced to take it. The one required semester of swimming found me inventing daily excuses for not being able to get in the pool, an exercise all right, albeit in creativity. I also took tennis (stand on court and swing lightly whenever ball threatens to hit you in the face) and ping pong (yes, ping pong is apparently a gym class approved sport).

Cut to one year past high school and my first real summer job: camp counselor at Interlochen’s National Music Camp. As a pianist, I thought this job was going to be a piece of cake: watch some kids, teach some music? Uh, not exactly. You see, they have highly paid professionals to do all the music stuff and I was hired to watch some kids and teach them how to swim. Teach them how to SWIM. During the Advanced Life Saving Exam, I almost drowned MYSELF as I was trying to rescue my teacher. I’m 5′ 2″ tall, she was at least 6′, 200 lbs and for some reason, she had greased herself up like a watermelon. I doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger could have saved her. But, thank God she saved me, so that I could live to swim another day. The ending of the story is sad, but typical for me: I was sent to Arts and Crafts.

So, what does all this have to do with a cupcake? Well, 7 days ago, I decided to issue myself a physical challenge for the first time in about 40 years. I’ve been attending Bikram Yoga in Traverse City for about 2 years and I’ve been going 3 times a week. What if I were to step it up? What if I were to go, say, 30 days in a row? I explained my intention to my husband and, being the achiever he is, he immediately saw the need for rewards in order to make this happen. And, the first reward that popped into his head was a cupcake after 5 days. Now, that’s a reward I could get behind. And, that is a goal I achieved. Next stop: massage.

P.S. — I didn’t really get a cupcake. I got Death by Chocolate from Grand Traverse Pie Company. Better than a cupcake, believe me.

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