Christmas blessings… Russ-Stick Style

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To me, Christmas time is also a time to reflect on the blessings you have experienced through the year.

Even more so than Thanksgiving.

We have many blessings. Health, family, friends, and animals.

Animals that gravitate to our farm and kennel.

Comanchero was one of those creatures heading our way.

However, after a summer providing horse back rides at his original stable, he had made a place in the herd and we hated to move him again.

Comanchero will remain at Hobby Horse Riding Stable with the other Mustangs.

One road over.

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And we will remain a 3-horse farm.

Our trio.

Our trilogy of beauty, brains and brawn.

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Tomorrow we are getting two new heifers. Dexter and a Dexter cross.

One is 16-months old, the other is 12-months old.

It will be nice to grow our herd.

It seems like just yesterday our little Luna was born.

A new spring baby is planned for 2010, compliments of Dixie and Dudley.

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Shiloh, our latest addition, has settled right in.

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He gives a new meaning to the phrase, Tree Hugger.

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Shiloh took Union’s spot in the kennel, so she is now a full-time house dog.

We attempted a retirement last year with Union, however she made it clear she preferred the dog yard.

This year, she’s opting for the radiant cherry wood heat of the woodstove.

Of course, when we run teams, she now dons a dog jacket and joins in as a leader.

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Our new little boar we ordered isn’t coming until late April. We would need to pick him up in late December, so we went to Plan B.

We will be getting a full grown boar over the holiday break and picking up our new little one once the snow goes, from a future litter.

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We enjoy the ebb and flow of farm life.

We hope you enjoy our stories throughout the year.

And may all your trails be blessed.

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Merry Christmas folks ~

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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