Leelanau Panoramas

If you happen to be driving along M-22 and notice an odd figure on top of a far off hill standing motionless for a spell, then slowing rotating a bit. Stopping and rotating, again and again. Please don’t call the authorities (only if I stop moving). It will be me trying to get the perfect panorama. I’ve uploaded a few pano’s for your viewing pleasure here: http://gigapan.org/profiles/20201/ .
Click on the main panorama and wander around a bit using the control panel on the left. Then try clicking on one of the snapshots under the pano and you’ll be magically transported to that spot. Lots of fun. The panoramas are a bunch of photo’s stitched together with special software and then merged into one monster photo. For instance, the Good Harbor pic would print out to something like 24 feet X 5 feet! This allows you to zoom in and see things not normally viewable in a normal photo.

Here’s a more detailed explanation from a panorama site I visit:

Combining 5 or 10 images from a 12 or 15 megapixel digital camera produces a picture with the equivalent of 60 to 150 million pixels — capturing far more detail than is captured by any of today’s consumer-level digital cameras, exceeding 35mm and medium format film cameras, and rivaling large format film cameras. Combining more images creates pictures with remarkable amounts of detail — exceeding anything that can be accomplished with standard film or digital cameras. Because of this detail, these stitched images produce extremely sharp, detailed prints at extremely large sizes. In contrast, prints of this size from single digital camera images typically lack detail and appear soft.


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