Sleds on Snow

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Our sage veteran main lead dog, Ranger, was ready.

Rustic Russ was ready.

I was more than ready.

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Our friend, AC (Animal Control) Ellen, came by mid-morning to run her team and get them used to our trails and dogs.

Ellen, along with several of our “doggy” friends, will be assisting us this year with our dog tours.

She figured it would be good for her…and good for her dogs.

It’s what we like to call, a win-win.

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It was a day of “firsts” in several ways on this snowy, sunless, cloudy Saturday.

The first day on sleds.

The first time our little gal, Little Feet, ran in lead (with Union). (Click to read her story.)

And the first time Ellen’s pup, Tug, was hooked to the gangline.

And… the first time Ellen and Russ did a head-on pass with finesse on our tight wooded trails.

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Ellen will be a permanent fixture as lead sled driver for guests, sharing duties with Rustic Russ.

She has been mushing for 10+ years.

Many of our dogs over the years, have come from Ellen.

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Old harnesses tell a story of dogs who traveled all the way from northern lower Michigan to Alaska.


Ellen is a consummate musher.

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Her little guy, Tug, has now grown up. (Click to read his story.)

We were all proud of how he took to the sled.

It is in his blood.

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Most of all, AC Ellen was proud, as Tug is now officially doing what he was bred to do – be a working part of a sled dog team.

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We’re looking forward to Ellen and her team of Chummer, Jack, Wiley, Possum, Tug, Nera, Kara being at our place on future snowy Saturdays.

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I know Russ will appreciate the expertise Ellen brings to the table.

It will allow us to offer more sled dog experiences, to more people.

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And have fun doing it…

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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