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LandChoices is working to come up with an alternate name for “conservation subdivisions” and you can help.

Why a New Name?
While we will continue to use the term “conservation subdivisions”, it will be helpful to have an alternate name more conducive for use in informal conversation and a 30 second elevator pitch/speech.

In one-on-one informal surveys, while a few people did not mind the term “conservation subdivisions”, many more told us the term has a negative connotation. People told us they thought the word “conservation” is “too scientific” and “subdivision” is a “negative, disliked term”. Plus it’s a mouthful to say.

As we are a group promoting conservation subdivisions to preserve water quality, natural areas, wildlife and working farmland, we felt we better come up with an alternate term that does not bring up instant rejection.

Take our Ten Second Survey
You can help! Please take our one question, ten second survey now to help us come up with an alternate, more effective name for “conservation subdivisions”. Take our ten second survey.

Thank you!

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