The humble food of Apulia often referred to as “cucina povera”, the cuisine of poverty, is celebrated as one of the best examples of the healthy Mediterranean Diet.
Three things are essential to the Apulian kitchen: wheat, vegetables, and olive oil.

Some example of the most interesting offering are: “orecchiette”, (little ears) the typical pasta of this region manually made with hard flour and water, pressed with a thumb to resemble little ears that catch and hold the pasta sauce;“friseddha”, a twice-baked ring-shaped bread; “tiella”, rice baked with potatoes and seafood or vegetables to make an unusual main course; “ricci” (sea urchins) savoured raw, flavoured with a squeeze of lemon to underscore their briny flavour; “turcinieddhi” (offal) prepared with lamb’s hearts, lights and intestines, skewered and cooked on a blazing grill, then eaten with raw celery and sharp sheep’s milk cheese

Cooking classes program
Day 1. Brindisi arrival / Corigliano d’Otranto
Day 2. Cooking lesson / Otranto
Day 3. Cooking lesson / Gallipoli
Day 4. Cooking lesson / Truffle Hunting
Day 5. Cooking lesson / Lecce
Day 6. Cooking lesson / Santa Maria di Leuca
Day 7. Cooking lesson
Day 8. Departure

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