Breaking Trail

DSC_0170 (Small)

The birds were out.

DSC_0181 (Small)

The trees were bare and cold.

DSC_0081 (Small)

And there were trails to break in single digit weather.

DSC_0039 (Small)

AC (Animal Control) Ellen was game.

DSC_0060 (Small)

And the dogs were more than happy to cast shadows in the morning sun.

DSC_0073 (Small)

Sled dogs love to run when it’s cold.

And we humans can enjoy the cold too, in our man-made suits of heat-saving armor.

DSC_0099 (Small)

Some fancy.

DSC_0029 (Small)

Some simple, but effective.

DSC_0124 (Small)

Of course the dogs are prepared for the cold, naturally.

DSC_0137 (Small)

Northern Breed dogs anyway…three layers of fur on some.

DSC_0154 (Small)

As hard as they work, anything above zero degrees is reason to pant.

DSC_0210 (Small)

Cold, bright snow brings on a stark beauty unlike anything else.

DSC_0212 (Small)

So beautiful…

DSC_0217 (Small)

That it’s hard to resist at times.

DSC_0105 (Small)

And even the “poop pit” takes on an esthetic look.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing ~ and may all your cold days be bright,

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