Eat, sleep, snowboard

There are only a few more days left on the half-pipe at the Otsego Club where a group of international snowboarders have been training for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Above, Gaylord residents were out in large numbers on Jan. 30 to watch the remaining teams train. Her New Zealand snowboarder Mitch Brown soars in front of them. Brown will be competing in the Vancouver Olympics in February.

The event started to garner attention of different teams as a lack of Olympic sized half-pipes in North America was realized. Australian and New Zealand teams have been the mainstays, but teams from Korea, Japan, Finland, France, and more also utilized this unexpected location. In a profile of the location for the New York Times, French snowboarder Olivier Gittler summed it up, “You look around, and you see no real mountains here, but this is the best training we could possibly have right now.”

There has been a slew of national coverage of the remote training center.

More images of the boarders at: Gaylord: Olympic Snowboard

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