In Dog Years

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On the cusp of the blue moon, as the sweet light faded and the full moon clocked in, we ran dogs.

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Our two new boys, Shiloh and Malakai, have only seen a dozen or so full moons, two in this month alone, and they needed an outlet to assist them in coping with the energy that comes from the moon’s gaze.

Luna = lunar = lunacy. I remember my Latin classes.

I assisted Russ in hooking up a team, including the newbies, and watched as they sailed out of the dog yard, rooster tail of snow flying.

The remaining dogs still wailed, barked and howled with excitement as they loped out of sight and into the woods beyond.

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Then we watched…and waited.

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Ranger, our leader, always barks once the team is stopped, so as Russ stopped the team to give the younger dogs a few seconds of break, we, back at the dog yard could hear Ranger bark his impatient bark to go.

Upon hearing the distant bark, the dogs in the dog yard exploded with excitement.

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Then silence ~ they were on the move again.

The remaining dogs would stop their excitable noise only when I would say “Shhhh…listen”.

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Then, and only then, they would perk their ears and turn their head in the direction of the trail flow.

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The stillness was only broken by the sound of my shallow breath under the neck gator, as the coldness was creeping in.

I felt like Heimo Korth, standing perfectly still. Heimo would watch for the bush plane that would visit his remote cabin only 4 times a year. Watching…waiting…

Only my eyes moved back and forth, looking…listening…waiting for the dog team to punch out of the woods with Russ on the sled behind.

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The dogs weren’t so patient. About 8 seconds is the limit for them being pin-drop quiet. Then one or two would whine or fuss, wishing they were the chosen ones out with the Boss.

The lighting was magical. Not of this earth.

Not quite of Heaven.

About halfway between.

My Nikon won’t capture it ~ I won’t even try.

As I stood there, breathing in the cold air, I felt that overwhelming feeling of contentment once again, that only comes from following your true bliss.

My hope for all of you is that you take the steps needed to follow your bliss in the coming year.

Start with one small step.

Years ago I remember being in the bookstore in Traverse City, MI looking at the books on simplicity. I picked up a small book by Elaine St. James. Simplify Your Life: 100 ways to slow down and enjoy the things that really matter.

That was my starting point more than 10 years ago.

Tonight I wipe back the tears of joy knowing where that small step brought me. To a little place, 40 miles south of my hometown. Married to my best friend only 6 years ago tomorrow ~ on the first day of the new year.

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I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Until tomorrow ~ God willing and always watching over us,

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