Michigan Saves – Part Deux

Last night I attended the contractor and energy auditor introduction to the Michigan Saves Pilot Program and learned more about the details. I believe it will be a valuable program for people looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home. However as a pilot, there are a few constraints and there will be learning curves to go through for everyone involved.

The program is only eligible to Cherryland Electric Cooperative members at this time. Brown Lumber Installed Sales & Service (BLISS) is the main point of contact for the customer. BLISS will help the customer with a loan application for pre-approval from Member’s Credit Union, and begin the process of determining the energy efficiency needs of the customer.

The customer may choose between specific eligible measures (for example air sealing the home, insulation, specific HVAC upgrades and more) or a whole home energy audit approach (where an energy auditor will evaulate and recommend what measures the home requires). BLISS will then develop the work scope. At this point Member’s Credit Union will approve the application (or not) and executive the loan agreement with the customer (Note: the customer does not have to already be a member of the credit union to apply for a loan). BLISS then will coordinate the work, everyone signs off when finished, and Member’s CU pays BLISS for the installation work. The customer then repays the agreed upon loan via their monthly utility bill. Michigan Saves will be reviewing the customer’s utility bills pre and post retrofit to evaluate the results of the energy efficiency measures and their savings over time (which in theory will offset some chunk of the loan payment).

Much more information can be found at the pilot program web site linked again here. But the program is certainly one to explore if you’re eligible, and one to follow if you’ll be waiting until the state-wide program begin.

Hope your day is full of energy!

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