Mike Stanley, You Made Traverse City Laugh

If Michael Moore had any doubt that Traverse City would know how to make funny when he started planning the first ever Traverse City Comedy Festival (February 19-21), the hoots and howls at the Inside Out Gallery this weekend when comedian Mike Stanley took the stage were proof that the North’s been craving heaping helpings of side splitters.

Stanley’s laughs weren’t so much dished out as they were deadly missile strikes at propriety. That they were delivered from this elfin-faced guy (Note to Stanley: if you had provided the joke for our March issue of Traverse Magazine that I was begging for, your looks may well have been referred to here as “chiseled profile”) with twinkling eyes, well so much the funnier.

This probably isn’t the place to be quoting Stanley’s lines, suffice it to say, I’ll never light another scented candle again without gagging. And that lava lamp stomach metaphor—really funny.

This is the place to say that Jenn Price and her Bound to Be Heard Productions brought the show here. Price is also the energy behind comedian Martin Butler’s upcoming February 12 performance, also at the Inside Out Gallery. The crowd should be well-warmed by the time that Comedy Festival opens!

Tip: Pair Butler’s performance with dinner first at Lil Bo’s (oh those homemade gnocchis!) always the best kept secret in Traverse City, and now so much better because it’s smoke free. From Lil Bo’s it’s just around the corner to Inside Out Gallery, so you should have plenty of time to save your seats then dip into Right Brain Brewery next door.

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