Premiere Puppy Run

DSC_0031 (Small)

Meet our new pup ~ AKC Siberian “Penny”.

She’s just a little peanut of a gal.

Full of spunk and spirit.

DSC_0041 (Small)

Learning the ropes with assistance by AC Ellen.

DSC_0046 (Small)

Fluffy-coated brother “Knik” (aka ~ Nik) joins in.

DSC_0054 (Small)

Led by the pro duo of Star and Windows, “Shaw dogs”, on loan from the Fortier kennel.

DSC_0058 (Small)

They’re off~!

DSC_0060 (Small)

Pure power…

DSC_0061 (Small)

Pure pleasure…

DSC_0062 (Small)


DSC_0063 (Small)

A new life.

DSC_0064 (Small)

One that will be filled with pride, wonder and new adventures.

Penny and Knik ~ welcome.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


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