Seeking transportation choices

I’m on a mission. I’ve been asked, like everyone else, to vision what kind of place I want Northern Michigan to be like in 30 years. I’m realizing, I want a paradigm shift and to get there, I have to start today.
My new BLOG at My Wheels are Turningis not just about bike lanes or street safety. It’s not just about crosswalks and sidewalks.

It is about the larger issue of what kind of place we want to live in. And what are the options that are already being implemented in other places.

What kind of choices do we want the infrastructure of Northern Michigan provide?

We are going to grow and each new development has a intentional and non-intentional articulation of our collective values. Currently, I’d argue that Northern Michigan infrastructure is ruled by the automobile in both physical and cultural space. Our social space is thus severely reduced (no one likes holding a conversation on the corner of 8th St. and Wellington St.) and our transportation choices are drastically limited by a failure to provide for active modes of transportation (primarily, walking, biking). As a tax-payer, I want government to set planning and infrastructure policy that increases & encourages my choices.

My Wheels are Turning is ready for your perusal and comments.

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  1. What a great idea! You can build your blog effectively if you keep blogging here and attach your link every time. Plus, with tens of thousands of people who care about Northern Michigan coming to the site every month you may develop a great group of people who want to dive into this discussion and help with solutions. Thanks!

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