The Waltz of Winter

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Here at Russ-Stick Acres, we dance in and out of survival mode.

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Hauling hay…

DSC_0113 (Small)

Making sure our horses are fat and happy…

DSC_0132 (Small)

And enjoy their extras…

DSC_0133 (Small)

And their lovin’…

DSC_0135 (Small)

The Dance.

The drifted driveway…step to the right.

DSC_0162 (Small)

Frozen water pipes…step to the left.

DSC_0198 (Small)

Water buckets…1/4 turn.

DSC_0153 (Small)

All the while we rise and fall with the bout Nature will toss our way.

DSC_0105 (Small)

And endure until the Appalachian spring arrives…

Travel on hoof

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,

You can also portage the Internet and see our daily journey here.

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