Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival Gets Off to a Rollicking Start

Michael Moore, you did it again. You lit up downtown Traverse City with partying crowds for the kickoff reception of the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival—the chilly-weather daffy twin to summertime’s deeply passionate Traverse City Film Festival.

That you had folks dressing up and laughing in late February in Northern Michigan—nothing short of genius. The reception was the genuine article (we all kind of felt like we’d gone Hollywood) piles of gorgeous grazing, flowing wine and celebs making the rounds. The City Opera House was the perfect, glittery venue. Most of the entertainers scheduled to perform were at the party, including Jeff Garlin, Whitney Cummings, John Waters, J.B Smoove. They were pleasant and funny and approachable. Jeff Garlin told me he LOVES Traverse City, but I couldn’t hear the rest of his answer over the happy roar of conversation.

Of course you came, too, Michael, and took the stage with Garlin: two nice guys (that pussycat side of you again, really, what is Fox News going to do if you keep going all soft on them) in blue jeans and sneakers warming up the crowd.

I’ve lived in and around Traverse City for, ouch, over three decades. I’ve had plenty of fun times here, but I’ve never seen it buzz like it did until you got involved. Hey, thanks Mike.

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  1. My wife and I attended Mike Toomey’s “TV and Me” at OTPH. It was a packed crowd, and they were all in a good mood. It was well organized too–no seat assignments, but as people arrived they ‘took a number’ and were admitted to the theater in number order to choose a seat. The presentation was fun, informative, imaginative and funny, most of all. It was a delightful evening of chuckles and entertainment. We look forward to next year’s festivities…

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