Traverse City Light and Power Biomass Plant

There has been a lot of discussion lately about Traverse City Light and Power installing a biomass electrical generation plant. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. But what does concern me is where are the going to get all the trees to feed this beast. If Cadillac has one already and now they want to build one in Mancelona too. Is there no other options? Well the other day I thought well why don’t they use the methane that is just being burnt off at the landfill West of town. I would think this would be better than just letting the methane just spew out into the air. They could build the generation facility right near there, pipe the gas off the landfill and burn it. The great thing is TCL&P doesn’t have to store the methane, like logs. They don’t have to transport it with trucks, like wood. Why not use the resource that currently is available now? To me it seems like it would be less of an impact then a bio-mass plant. First of all you won’t have to destroy forests, which trees clean the air of toxics and I don’t know about you but I like breathing clean air. Second, we won’t have trucks running down the road causing more traffic and polluting the air with there emissions. Third with out the trucks transporting the fuel to the plant, imagine the amount of oil that would be saved from fueling these trucks. I know, I know it will create jobs. I am all about that too. But my idea will create jobs too. The place has to be built. It has to be maintained. Power lines have to be built. And so on and so on. Here is a project in Indiana that has already done this type of thing with their landfill. I think is a great idea and one that should be explored not by just TCL&P but other landfills throughout Michigan. So what do you think? Do you think this is a good idea or not? Please comment on this blog I would like to hear what people think. I would really like to know if this has been an option that they have looked at.

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  1. Pardon my bluntness sir but do you have any idea about what you’re talking about? Number one, using methane as energy would cause much more damage to the atmosphere than any biomass plant. That’s the reason it just spills out of the landfill in the first place. Trust me you’re not the first person to have that idea. Number two, Biomass uses particles of waste already generated by paper mills NOT destroying ANY forests at all period. Not a single tree would be cut down to fuel a biomass plant. Biomass uses the waste from other plants and converts it into CLEAN BURNING fuel. Trucks are going to go up and down roads regardless or at least cars for workers for ANY plant so that argument seems devoid of any¬†substantialness. You really should check your facts before you post something like this online because, even though I understand this is your opinion you’re stating things that are completely untrue as facts and other people who don’t know anything about these issues would assume they are also facts.

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