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December 14, 2009 by Vern Gauthier Filed under Blog
Our success rate at weight loss has been astronomical. We have hundreds upon hundreds of people just like you that has been very successful at not only achieving their goal of weight loss but maintaining it. We have created this section to speak out about it! So tell us or ask us! Do you have a success that you would like to share and possible help a person just like you? Do you have a question or concerns about weight loss? There is probably another person that has been in your shoes so don’t be afraid to help yourself now. http://fitforyou.info/

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  1. I’ve had pretty solid success by:

    • Cutting my portion sizes down a bit
    • Getting plenty of fiber
    • Avoiding sugar and — more importantly — high-fructose corn syrup
    • Cutting down on my sodium intake
    • Drinking a few glasses of plain-old, boring water each day
    • Taking a multi-vitamin

    I’ve also noticed that an extra shot of B-vitamins once or twice a week really seems to help my energy levels and mood in the winter.

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