Teen driving is a tough and complex job to teach, especially in Northern Michigan

Driving an automobile is the most complex activity anyone ever does. The job demands full attention, both hands, both feet, eyes, ears, everything. And one minor mistake can be tragic. I once thought flying a plane was more complex, but I was corrected by a friend who is a pilot. In a plane, you can close your eyes for minutes at a time without danger–not so in a car. The other part of the problem is that we adults make it look easy. We literally mislead our children into KNOWING that it is quite simple and easy to do. We model for them that we can eat, phone, talk, adjust the radio, all kinds of things while we drive the car at 100 feet per second. Your full undivided attention is REQUIRED every second you are moving that car. I think if parents will tell their young drivers about this paradox, they will buckle up with a little more realistic level of confidence in driving. Maybe just enough to make the difference in that close-call we all know they are going to experience, and probably very soon. The job is further complicated by the fact that every time conditions change, all the rules must change as well. Speed, awareness, visibility, darkness, everything must influence how you command that vehicle–especially that one elusive detail you have not experienced yet. Overlooking one minor detail in changing conditions can make the difference between soiled shorts and a major collision.
Stay safe, Kids.
Dean Bull
P.S. One of the easiest life insurance policies we can buy, is to slow down. Figure out how fast is safe, and then double the chances of success but slowing down just three miles per hour. Walking speed. Try it.

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