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By Sharon Kegerreis & Lorri Hathaway

We’ve been called many things. Venuses of the vine. Wine chicks. Wine goddesses. Michigan Viners. Michigan ambassadors. We like them all. And why not? We have, in fact, been devoted to promoting Michigan wine destinations for more than seven years. Today, we’re excited to launch our wine travel blog on

So what’s our back story? Well, as little girls, we skipped along sandy lakeshores, collected Petoskey stones and splashed in Lake Michigan, too. We plucked armloads of apples, plums and cherries in our backyards, skied and sled down snow-covered hillsides and day dreamed under sky-high maples reflecting the brilliant colors of the seasons.

The desire for “something more” beyond college took us away from our northern Michigan communities of Charlevoix and Leelanau Peninsula. We traveled abroad to a number of countries, as far-flung as Italy, Germany, Argentina and Chile, and tasted artisan wines and foods reflecting diverse cultures. We traveled plenty in the U.S. as well — from west to east coast and several states in between.

Experiencing other cultures of the world ignited a newfound passion for our home state. Discovering Michigan’s wine country and its undeniably great tasting wines and breathtaking scenery made us fall in love with Michigan all over again.

In 2002, we hatched the plan to promote Michigan wine destinations. A year later, we launched and, by 2005, we committed to writing our book, From the Vine: Exploring Michigan Wineries, published in October 2007, albeit we wrote the book within six months!

A 2008 Michigan Notable Book award for From the Vine launched a series of presentations throughout the state, giving us the incredible opportunity to spread the word about Michigan wine country. We continue to present in communities throughout Michigan. (Hey, who doesn’t want to hear a book presentation if there’s wine tasting

Through it all, our passion for Michigan hasn’t wavered. In fact, we’re excited to share that we just finished our second book, called The History of Michigan Wines: 150 Years of Winemaking along the Great Lakes, to be released this summer. This new book opportunity presented itself as we documented the wine history and a number of key research topics for the State of Michigan last year. We’re thrilled for our new book release!

Today, we continue to live and breathe northern Michigan through our passion for our home region. Here, in our new wine blog, we’ll give you the scoop on what’s happening in northern Michigan this coming weekend or next month. We hope to entice you to spend your time in wine country. Ideas or feedback? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected].

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