Opening Party Kicks the Traverse City Film Festival Off With A Bang!

John Robert Williams who founded the Traverse City Film Festival along with Michael Moore and Doug Stanton greeted guests at the opening party last night.

Front Street in downtown Traverse City was closed off between State and Cass Streets for the International Bazaar-themed party that had belly dancers swaying in the crowd and folks grazing on the likes of bruschetta, lamb with Tzatziki and caprese salad. Doug Stanton helped to take tickets and Michael Moore was everywhere last night—introducing the movies at the City Opera House (Nowhere Man) and the State Theatre (The Kids Are all Right)—then broadcasting to Larry King Live from Front Street. What a night—thanks founders!

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  1. That was an amazing party! I was honored to be asked to display some of my bonsai trees for the event. They were warmly received by attendees. Thank you, Nancy Belton, for the invitation. I just posted some snapshots of the trees. More photos of them are on my page.

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