Cannery Gets A Lift

The Glen Haven Canning Company building on the shore of Lake Michigan in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is back on the ground. The Cannery is one of the historic buildings in the little historic logging village of Glen Haven. It has been used for an exhibit of Great Lakes boats until this summer. The cement floors and foundation were cracking, so to stabilize the building and renovate it for continued use as an exhibit area, repairs were needed.

Beginning in early August work began to lift the building and remove the old floor and foundation. The process was fascinating and many of the visitors to Glen Haven this summer saw a floating building on the shore of Lake Michigan – only it wasn’t floating on the lake. It was floating on air.

I-beams were placed through windows and doors to lift the building from the rafters. Once raised, the ground was excavated to allow new foundations to be poured.

After the building was set back down on the new foundation, the soil was replaced and the I-beams were removed. They are preparing to pour the concrete floor this week.

This fall, the boats and exhibits will be returned to the building. I understand that there may be some new exhibits to interpret the fruit canning activity that the Cannery was initially used for as well. The Cannery will be open to visitors again next summer!

There is more construction activity in Glen Haven this summer and fall to make new parking lots and rebuild historic boardwalks. The Great Lakes Tugboat Aloha will be moved nearer to the shore and a viewing platform and interpretive signs will be added so you’ll be able to climb up and look into the ship. All of these things will make Glen Haven an even better destination next summer. I’ll keep you up to date on these improvements too.

Working on the parking lot to the east of the Cannery.

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