Hawk’s Eye Club House Restaurant to Donate 25% of Proceeds to Local Animal Shelter

Twice already this summer, the Hawk’s Eye Club House Restaurant has created special evenings for AC Paw, a
local no-kill animal shelter. Each of these evenings, the restaurant
has donated 25% of gross sales, including food and drinks, to support
rescue efforts by AC Paw.

The Hawk’s Eye Club House Restaurant has generously agreed to host another ‘give back’ evening to
assist in fundraising for AC Paw. The community, visitors and
animal lovers alike can help support AC Paw simply by eating at Hawk’s
Eye on Tuesday, August 31 from 5 to 9 p.m. Twenty-five
percent of your total bill will be donated to AC Paw.

The two previous ‘give back’ evenings raised enough funding to cover costs of rescuing three very
luck dogs—Tucker, Bear, and Jake. Tucker, a Labrador, and Jake,
an Akita, were both facing euthanasia at two different animal control
facilities because they had not found families. Bear, a Labrador,
was a hard luck story, with his owner facing medical problems and financial
issues. These seemingly impossible cases were given a new hope
thanks to the Hawk’s Eye Club House Restaurant, its patrons, and the
local community.

Three lives have been saved so far this summer due to the support given by those attending the ‘give
back’ evenings at Hawk’s Eye. We have a chance to save
two more lives, one of an Akita and one of a six-year-old Husky, if
enough people come out to event.

Please encourage your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to stop out and have dinner at the Hawk’s
Eye Club House Restaurant on Tuesday, August 31 from 5 to 9 p.m.
Enjoy amazing food, and feel good in the knowledge that you helped save
a life.

Shelter from the Storm

AC Paw started as a vision of two people, Brian Manley and June McGrath, to ensure a safe haven for animals from
abuse, hunger, disease and death. In their 15th year
of service, they have placed nearly 5,600 dogs and cats in loving homes.
AC Paw continues to look for animal lovers willing to volunteer their
time, open their homes to foster animals, or make donations—both monetary
and material.

Jake (nine-year-old Akita mix)

Contact Information

Hawk’s Eye Club House Restaurant
2618 Hawk’s Eye Dr.
Bellaire, MI 49615

AC Paw
P.O. Box 94
Acme, MI 49610
(231) 587-0738

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  1. Thank you for getting the word out about AC PAW’s event at the Hawk’s Eye! It is much appreciated. AC PAW does so many wonderful things for the Northern Michigan communities. It’s great to see businesses like the Hawk’s Eye helping to give back. Thanks again!

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